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Producing the highest quality incense & fragrance products for more than 20 years, and we plan on continuing that tradition for many, many years to come.

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Look no more for quality products.
Best Incense by Astral Sea
And now we carry our fragrance oil in 4 ounce bottles for our retail customers which is great for aroma lamps making bath salts, candles or car fresheners.

Being that our products have been under the line of Astral Sea Fragrance for over 20 years now, we have blended some of the best fragrance oils to create a traditional product. All fragrances are created to be as close a possible to the original used fragrance, giving you a quality selection of Cones, Sticks and Powders, Candle fragrance oil, Fragrance Oils and these Oils work great with our Aroma Lamps and Oil Diffusers.

We carry over:

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8 Drams of our fragrance oil will go farther than most 6 ounce bottles of other will.

Now with over 600 Products To Choose From.

  • Over 400 fragrances
  • 600 Products Plus
  • Hand Dipped Incense
  • High Quality Fragrance Oils
  • Dipped Daily for freshness
  • Long Burning
  • Once you've burned them you'll never burn any other!
  • Free Shipping on orders over $60.00 (within the continental US)

Wholesale Inquiries


When using our oils as a perfume oil, use the applicator/dipper that comes with the bottle. Use only a small amount, a drop on the wrist or other body part will usually do it.



NEW Fragrances

Ylang Ylang
Cactus Blossom
Dragon Lady
Black Love
Wild Berry
Fairy Farts
Spiced Apple Cider
Inner Peace
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Popular Fragrances
Fairy Farts
Nag Champa
Dragon's Blood
Black Opium
Night Jasmine
Egyptian Musk

Astral Sea hand dips all our products and uses only the highest quality fragrances to insure the fragrance is fresh and smells great when used. Customers say our incense are the best!

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